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This is what 50 LPM of Hydrogen Looks Like when Put to Work. We are able to beat the cost of natural gas, with our hydrogen production.

Industrial System Prototype Operating at 50% Power, for a Natural Gas Genset

Customer Video, custom built 50 plate hho cell, which they lowered their fuel consumption of diesel 50%.

Simple Demo Setup of the GA32 (1/2 the GA62)

Customer Video of an AU43 running at 240 Watts 12 Volt. This cell can safely operate at up to 960 watts.

MC19 Tips.

MC Series Mini HHO Dry Cells
The MC Series HHO Dry Cells are our smallest cells. Each frame is 4" height X 3" width. Length depends on plate configuration. The MC Series is capable of producing 2.5-3 LPM depending on the model.

AU Series HHO Compact Automotive Fuel Cells
The AU Series Cells is our automotive cell for motorcycles and automobiles with tight engine compartments such as compact cars and newer automobiles. This series of cells incorporate maximum efficiency, for the power requirements under operating conditions. Each frame is 6" height X 3.5" width. Length depends on plate configuration.

GA HHO Fuel Cells

Large Engine Automotive Applications, this cell packs a punch. The GA series come in 4 standard sizes to meet the need from general automotive to larger diesel powered pickups and rv's. Each frame is 7" height X 4.5" width. Length depends on plate configuration.


*Custom Builds: Customer Must Request to build

TT124 HHO Cell, Used In Our Standard Truck Box Series

TT124 Complete Unit Ready for Installation on Any Tractor Trailer or Heavy Equipment in the same engine class. 62 X 2 Row 12-14 Volt Configuration 16-20 LPM Unit

TT310 in 62 Plate X 5 Row
12-14 Volt Configuration
50 LPM Unit

TT129 43 Plate X 3 Row
12-14 Volt Configuration
10-24 LPM Unit

Click Here, to go directly to our Truck Box (TT124 System for Tractor Trailers)


TT Series HHO Dry Cells

The TT Series HHO Dry Cells by Fuel Cell LLC are engineered for larger applications that range from reguiring industrial level torch capabilities and commercial furnaces to replace existing propane and natural gas requirements, to providing supplemental fuel sources for Maritime, Tractor Trailers, Heavy Equipment, large generator units, or any other fuel requirement for larger applications.

Any TT series cell can also be manufactured for AC power sources or for 24/48 volt.

Custom Builds: Customer Must Request to build. We will build the unit according to specific customer needs, ie unit placement of box. Vertical, horizontal, side mount, what type of box whether it be steel, aluminum, bright tread, black, white, chrome, blue, yellow, orange. You name it, we are more than happy to customize the unit for your needs.


TT Models Available Upon Request

  • TT93 93 Plates (31X3 Config) 9-18 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

  • TT114 114 Plates (19X2X3 Config) 9-18 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

  • TT124 124 Plates (2X62 Config) 16-20 LPM L12"XW9"XH8"

  • TT129 129 Plates (31X3 Config) 10-24 LPM L8"XW12"XH8"

  • TT186  186 Plates (62X3 Config) 18-36 LPM - L12"XW12"XH8"

  • TT248 248 Plates (62X4 Config) 24-48 LPM - L12"XW18"XH7"

  • TT310 310 Plates (62X5 Config) 32-50 LPM - L12"XW24"XH7"

These are massive cells for industrial level HHO Requirements, these cells are engineered to deliver large volumes of HHO on demand for any need from industrial metal shops to Maritime Shipping. These models require lead time of 2-3 weeks from ordering to being shipped. Each unit is custom built per order, due to the extensive material consumption during fabrication and assembly.


*If the voltage of your equipment is not 12-14v DC, we are more than happy to configure any of these cells specifically for your voltage source.